Mandatory CPDs usually involve lectures, seminars or workshops, where more experienced and skilled colleagues lead fruitful and beneficial discussions with colleagues for shared knowledge and experience.  The main aim is to provide participants with more insight into the problem at stake, and often generate discussions in a seemingly real fashion to give members the necessary exposure they need for their jobs.  MCPDs are better organised as seminars or workshops than as lectures, for that matter.

The scope of MCPDs cannot be delimited to any specific issues, as it can be expanded at any time to cover any issue considered appropriate, sufficient and relevant to the needs of members.  However, it is expected that the CPDs would enhance members knowledge and professional competence in the following field through structured courses initiated, organised and approved by Council in the following areas:

  • Risk Management and Compliance
  • Credit Control and Collections
  • Export/International Credit
  • Corporate Credit Analysis
  • Corporate Governance, Ethics and Professionalism
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Credit Administration
  • Management Information Systems.