The Chartered Institute of Credit Management, Ghana (CICMG) as a policy, grants exemption on subject to subject basis to students at part I of its Professional Certification Programme.

This is based on the submission of valid academic records that is a full transcript as well as certificates from recognized accredited institutions.  In some instances, the applicant may be required to provide a detailed course outline of the course that he/she studied.

It is expected that the applicant covers 95% of the institute’s syllabus in the subjects in which the exemption is being sought. Thus, it is basically on a subject to subject basis taking into consideration course contents as well as the number of credit hours for each subject and critically compared with the Institute’s syllabus.

The Exemption Policy is periodically reviewed to reflect the changing trends in the educational system and the industry.


In order to be eligible for an exemption:

  • The course from the recognized post-secondary institution must have at least 95% equivalent course outcomes with the course from which the exemption is being sought.
  • A transcript and course outline must accompany the application for exemption.
  • The course/programme will be assessed for its currency and reflection of industry/professional standards. This will be a decision of the Executive Director or designate.
  • Application for exemption must be submitted at the Institute.


Attached is a list of exemptions for various qualifications after thorough evaluation of course contents and credit hours.