1. Candidates must come with their Student ID Cards to the examination centre.
  2. The examination will be supervised by responsible persons appointed by the Institute.
  3. The packets of question papers will be opened in the presence of the candidates at the time of examination.
  4. Candidates are not allowed to use programmable calculators in any examination; only silent non-programmable calculators may be used. No other aids such as books, dictionaries, papers, mathematical tables or slide-rules, are permitted. Any such items which have been brought into the room must be left in the invigilator’s care.
  5. Candidates must not communicate or attempt to communicate with other candidates once the examination has not started, nor copy from other candidates.
  6. Any candidate who infringes the regulations will be reported to the council of the institute and will be liable to disciplinary action, including disqualification from future sittings.
  7. Candidates should read carefully the instructions on the front page of their question paper before starting to answer the question, and should complete the details required on the front of their answer book. They should ensure that any loose sheets are fastened together securely at the back of the answer book.
  8. Fifteen minutes’ reading time is allowed for some of the papers at the start; Candidates may mark the question paper but must not write in the answer book during the period.
  9. Candidates will not be admitted to the examination room after the first 45 minutes and may not leave the room within one hour of the start. If candidates do leave before the end of the examination, they must do so as quietly as possible to avoid disturbing those still writing.
  10. To allow time for revision of the paper, candidates will be told when fifteen minutes remain.
  11. Smoking is not permitted.
  12. No mobile phones.
  13. Candidates have a maximum of seven years to complete the programme